Blogs for September 2022

Posted on Saturday 10th September 2022 at 2:53am

Religious dogmatism about social policy within the Anglican church in Australia is contributing to a very substantial exodus of its congregation.

No, I don’t mean Exodus 10:1, though ‘a plague of locusts on your house so that I might escape it’ could be relevant. I mean exodus = ‘to leave’, and 101 = ‘the most basic introductory unit of a subject stream as numbered at universities’. It’s a metaphor for “what are the basic reasons Australians are leaving religion in droves?”

I’ve discussed this subject in my research series Religiosity in Australia, penned as a Fellow of the Australian Rationalist Society. And this week, we were furnished with another example underpinning exodus 101, this time from the Anglican church.

Keywords: Fudge | Fiction | Faith | Australia | Anglican/Church of England/Episcopal