Privacy policy

This information is in addition to our Terms and Conditions of Use. abides by Australian statutory requirements regarding information privacy and takes your privacy seriously. Without limiting your rights in any way,


Keeps only non-personalised information about your general visits to this website in order to deliver and improve its services.

Provides any private and metadata information to law enforcement and other statutory authorities as required by law.

If you have supplied your name and/or contact details through use of this Website, we:


Will not gift, loan, rent or sell that information to other individuals or organisations.

Will not use the information for a general purpose other than that for which it has been provided, or prior to seeking and obtaining your permission to use it for another purpose.

May contact you as per a request from you, or in regard to any Website use by you that contrevenes our Terms and Conditions of Use, including the use of inappropriate, unlawful or prohibited langauge in any posts and comments you make on this Website.

Please note that any personal information which is already in the public domain elsewhere or which you place publicly on our Website such as publishing it in a Comment (see Terms and Conditions of Use) is not 'private' and therefore not subject to our privacy policy.

If you have a question about our privacy policy, please contact us.